Reflex Correzione

Calcolo di B*



Vented enclosure.gif
Figure 7: Important dimensions of bass-reflex enclosure.



[1] Leach, W. Marshall, Jr. Introduction to Electroacoustics and Audio Amplifier Design. 2nd ed. Kendall/Hunt, Dubuque, IA. 2001.

C_{AB} = \frac{V_{AB}}{\rho_0c^2_0}

M_{AB} = \frac{B\rho_{eff}}{\pi a}

B = \frac{d}{3}\left(\frac{S_D}{S_B}\right)^2\sqrt{\frac{\pi}{S_D}} + \frac{8}{3\pi}\left[1 - \frac{S_D}{S_B}\right]

\rho_0 \leq \rho_{eff} \leq \rho_0\left(1 - \frac{V_{fill}}{V_B}\right) + \rho_{fill}\frac{V_{fill}}{V_B}

V_{AB} = V_B\left[1-\frac{V_{fill}}{V_B}\right]\left[1 + \frac{\gamma - 1}{1 + \gamma\left(\frac{V_B}{V_{fill}} - 1\right)\frac{\rho_0c_{air}}{\rho_{fill}c_{fill}}}\right]

VB = hwd (inside enclosure volume)

SB = wh (inside area of the side the speaker is mounted on)

cair = specific heat of air at constant volume

cfill = specific heat of filling at constant volume (Vfill ing)

ρ0 = mean density of air (about 1.3 kg/m3)

ρfill = density of filling

γ = ratio of specific heats for air (1.4)

c0 = speed of sound in air (about 344 m/s)

ρeff = effective density of enclosure. If little or no filling (acceptable assumption in a bass-reflex system but not for sealed enclosures), \rho_{eff} \approx \rho_0